Seth Rogen is launching a podcast

The actor and his producer-editor Richard Parks III talk about their new undertaking Storytime With Seth Rogen for the primary time.


The actor could have gotten his get started in Hollywood by means of bringing his very explicit logo of stoner comedy to the large display, however in actual lifestyles, he’s transform a prolific writer. Issues that will be leisure pursuits for many (throwing pottery, smoking weed, writing in a diary) are a hit companies for Rogen (Houseplant, his memoir Yearbook). His newest inventive enterprise is a podcast, however, true to shape, it’s a extremely stylized, extremely learned podcast that’s extra audio documentary than famous person interview display.

“This factor occurs in my lifestyles and occupation the place I inform other people I’ve an concept they usually think I’m both now not going to do it or that I’ll get lazy and do a far much less complicated, extra lo-fi model of what I got down to do,” Rogen says with fun.

On Storytime, which debuts on SiriusXM’s Stitcher as of late, Rogen brings in a visitor (everybody from Paul Rudd to Quinta Brunson to his absolute best pal’s brother-in-law) to inform him one nice tale — however with accompanying clips and supplementary interviews to improve the storytelling enjoy.

“I temporarily discovered that only a few podcast corporations are set as much as create a display like that, that it’s out of doors their realm of assets,” he says. “So [Stitcher] was once like, would possibly we propose this man Richard Parks III? And he grew to become out to be absolutely the easiest particular person to perform what I had envisioned.”

With Parks as editor and co-producer, they took interviews with visitors together with Ashley Ray, Ava DuVernay, David Crosby, Paul Scheer, Steve MacDonald, and Yassir Lester, and created a form of newfangled Giant Best Chatauqua — with Seth Rogen as an alternative of Garrison Keillor and subjects like surviving a grizzly undergo assault and pooping your pants at Disney Global. The primary episode drops as of late, and the remainder episodes will free up weekly.

Underneath, Rogen and Parks speak about the podcast (publicly) for the primary time.

ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY: Seth, you’re a celeb launching a podcast who isn’t the megastar of your personal podcast…

SETH ROGEN: I didn’t wish to be the principle component of this. Clearly, by means of nature, I’m a large a part of the undertaking, however I didn’t wish to be an amazing presence at the podcast. Richard has some way of enhancing and bringing in song and clips that helped. He made it very other from the everyday podcast.

RICHARD PARKS III: We had older radio presentations in thoughts, the place there’s an option to sound that’s very heightened. I believe the facility of this medium is that it forces other people to deliver their very own imaginations to it. It forces the listener to be concerned extra so than in tv or movie.

How did you choose the visitors for each and every episode? Particularly because it’s now not only constituted of celebrities.

ROGEN: One of the vital visitors had been me going out to attention-grabbing other people I do know being like: “Do you could have a tale?” One of the vital visitors got here from tales that I already knew, however hadn’t heard in an extended, fleshed-out structure. A few of them, like my absolute best pal’s brother-in-law from Vancouver, I had heard he was once attacked by means of a grizzly undergo. So I believed, that feels like a excellent tale, let’s deliver him on. I didn’t handiest need well-known other people as a result of I in finding that a large number of well-known other people have an intuition to only discuss how they were given well-known and I didn’t need that to be the entire podcast was once — simply serving to other people recount how they changed into a celeb.

Did you give any tips to the visitors prior to they got here on?

ROGEN: No longer actually, however a part of the pitch to visitors was once, we’ll assist deliver your tale to lifestyles and we will be able to honor it — we gained’t make it humorous if it’s now not humorous. What wound up taking place is a few grew to become out to be so much much less humorous than I used to be anticipating, and a few had been pitched [to me] as one thing that didn’t sound that humorous however changed into very humorous all through. We didn’t wish to information the tone of the narrative in some way that wasn’t consistent with the teller’s standpoint.

PARKS: Going into those interviews, I knew not anything about what other people had been going to mention. I believe Seth most probably knew subsequent to not anything.

ROGEN: I had mainly a one-sentence description.

PARKS: As a manufacturer, that normally makes me very apprehensive. But in addition, what you get is Seth listening to this for the primary time and reacting actually authentically. And there’s an power in that form of interplay. The individual telling the tale has clearly selected it and edited it to a point, however then in my spherical of enhancing what I’m listening for is a solution to in finding a fascinating standpoint and narrative.

You deliver up a fascinating level: Everybody self-edits, to some extent, once they discuss themselves or recount a tale for which they’re the protagonist. This isn’t a journalistic enterprise, however did your participation contain wondering what took place in any respect?

ROGEN: I’m now not going into those interviews looking to poke holes of their model of what took place. Even though, now and again it turns into transparent that individuals don’t take into account issues the similar means as different individuals who had been there. Other views stand up. From time to time including every other voice to spherical out the tale will take us in an entire new course. We’re ready to glean a distinct which means and that could be a actually amusing workout. Any individual begins out considering, “It is a tale of ways I were given into comedy,” however when we get started speaking about how one thing they did impacts people we see this ripple impact. Oftentimes comedians, their intuition is to inform simply the humorous portions of the tale — but when I ask a query that makes us dig just a little deeper we get a hold of one thing new. The way in which we wound up striking the episodes in combination was once more or less like in case you gave a mechanic a number of portions and mentioned, “Construct one thing out of this.” Or a Best Chef problem. We created one thing out of the elements the visitor gave us.

Does anyone episode stick out as a tale that took a in particular unexpected flip?

PARKS: The primary episode, the Quinta Brunson episode. It has this construction that’s virtually like a triangle the place the idea that spreads out because it is going. Very early on we had an absolutely usable, cohesive tale from Quinta, however then it went into a wholly other course for two times the period of time. I believe the object that’s maximum attention-grabbing to me about this entire podcast sequence is Seth deciding early on that it was once going to be edited, when he didn’t have to do this and I don’t suppose any individual anticipated him to. It’s just like the Mark Twain quote: I may well’ve written a shorter letter however I didn’t have the time.

There are well-known other people in this podcast, they usually’re speaking about probably susceptible subjects within the tale that they make a selection — do you take into accounts the possibility of their sound bites to devolve into clickbait?

ROGEN: I’ve been the topic of podcasts that transform clickbait many, time and again. And a large number of those podcasts, I believe like a part of the purpose is that it’s debatable. They’re getting you to speak about present parties or topics that may inevitably anger a big portion of the inhabitants. And a part of me does now not experience doing the ones podcasts, so I sought after to make this one thing that was once documentary taste and carried out with the permission and endorsement of the topic. It’s now not a gotcha display the place I, because the host, am looking to take belongings you mentioned and monetize them or bolster my very own occupation somehow. This is identical mentality I had when making Superbad, or 50/50, tales in keeping with actual lifestyles — I’m participating with a crew of other people to deliver one thing to lifestyles.

It’s additionally extra of a byproduct that one of the crucial visitors are well-known. After I wrote my e book, the entire time I used to be considering: I’m now not that particular. And if I’ve an entire e book of humorous tales, then people without a doubt do. And perhaps they don’t have the time to deliver their tales to lifestyles in a e book, however they do wish to do it on this structure. I imply, there are jokes within the podcast, and comedians make jokes which are loopy. The podcast is stuffed with them, nevertheless it’s now not a present events-based subject material. By means of that by myself it doesn’t have the impact of giving sound bites or headlines.

Now that you just’ve carried out this, what’s your takeaway on what makes a actually excellent tale?

ROGEN: It’s useful if it’s one thing that had an have an effect on in your lifestyles or your paintings. However that doesn’t imply it could possibly’t be a tale about sh—ing your pants at Disney Global.

Is there actually a tale about somebody s—-ing their pants at Disney Global?

ROGEN: There’s! And I’m additionally actually excited for everybody to listen to the grizzly undergo tale. Once my pal informed it to me, I believed, that’s the craziest factor I’ve ever heard in my whole lifestyles. I’ve by no means met any one who’s skilled the rest find it irresistible. I’m so thankful that he relied on us with the tale. And it’s humorous! It’s now not essentially the most severe episode by means of a protracted shot.

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